About this website!

The guitar has become one of the most enduring instruments in the history of music. It spans all genre and whether acoustic or electric, new or vintage, classic or quirky, the guitar holds a dear place in the heart of every player/collector. We all seem to agree that guitars are musical art. Functional forms of beautiful craftsmanship that produce hours of enjoyment from the amateur to the professional musician. But, one thing seems to always to be missing in the guitar case when you open it up and that’s the story behind the guitar laying there.
Well, we have created a fun way for any guitar player/collector to create their own guitar journal. A historical journey of adventure a particular guitar has taken. Add some amazing photos of the guitar and owner with the guitar, and you have a story to tell. This web site it dedicated to telling that story, your story. And we all want to hear and see it.
This web site allows you to:
  • log in your guitar/s
  • create a personalized collector’s gallery
  • write a story behind each particular guitar
  • then submit that story for others to enjoy

Tell us about unique circumstances behind how you and a guitar connected!

The places it has traveled!

The people who have played it!

The luthier who created it!

The songs it has sung!

Because every guitar has a story!