An Interview with Dan Guliano

When did you first start playing guitar?

I began playing the guitar a little over two years ago. My significant other is a singer and guitar player. I accompanied her to a number of ‘jams’ and thought I’d like to give the guitar a try. Had the good fortune to meet an excellent guitar teacher at a weekend music conference (Fiddleheads Jam Camp) and have been working with him since.

Tell us about your new guitar? When and where did you get it?

My new guitar is a Tamar, handmade by Brook Guitars in Hittisleigh, England. Their guitars are named after rivers in the area in the “West Country” near Exeter, UK. It’s semi-dreadnaught shape, made of Cocobolo, with a European Spruce top. We were spending a weekend in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and traveled up to Portland, Maine to visit a well-known music store, Buckdancers. While there we spied the Tamar. It was really good looking and sounded great. The next thing you know it followed us home…..

Do you have more than one guitar? Tell us about you collection?

I have had as many as three, but now just two. My first guitar was a Taylor GS Mini-e. That was a terrific entry guitar, smaller, light with a nice sound and built in electronics. That was used as a trade-in to buy a Bose S1 Pro-plus battery powered amplifier.

The next guitar in the collection is a Martin SC-13E. The Martin is a full-size guitar with what might be called a ‘Martin’ sound for playing out. It has an offset shaped body and a very attractive look and feel.

What do you look for in purchasing a guitar?

As someone new to the world of guitars, my primary focus is on sound, tempered by the reality of cost. There’s always the issue of ‘playability’ but my skills are not yet developed enough for that to be a major consideration.

What advice would you give to young guitar players/collectors/singer songwriters?

Two things, have fun and practice. The order of those two things will change, frequently. It might appear they are mutually exclusive, but have patience don’t lose heart or get frustrated. Over time, there will be more fun than ‘work’ (aka Practice).

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