Leavitt Model B


I am a big fan of attending guitar luthier shows. I enjoy looking and playing the beautiful works of art that these builders create. Each one is unique. You would think that they are all just guitars with the same function of producing musical sound, so why so many choices? Maybe the answer is that we players look for the unique, the classic, and the sound of our individual experiences with popular music from our youth. It’s wonderful to have so many options to choose from that allow us to recreate the sounds of the original songs and styles that we gravitate toward.

This guitar is one of those guitars that I discovered while attending The Artisan Guitar Show in Pennsylvania in 2022. It is hand crafted by Scott Leavitt of Leavitt Stringed Instruments out of Cincinnati OH. It is beautifully hand crafted and the sound is amazing. I can go from soulful blues on the neck pickup to powerful classic rock on the bridge pickup.

This is a solid body electric 25-inch scale guitar with hand carved quilt maple top. Serial number B7UM20. The body is African Utile (Sipo). The neck is hand carved hard maple with a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard. The pickups are Bartolini humbuckers with a three-position toggle switch.

I currently use this as one of my main gigging guitars with my rock and blues band. It adds a great deal of sound to the five-piece mix. Such a cool guitar.

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