The Perfect Guitar

I picked up this used guitar at a guitar store in Amherst, New Hampshire not knowing anything about Paul Reed Smith guitars. It caught my eye especially not ever hearing or seeing a PRS guitar. It just fit great and sounded perfect. It is not heavy like a Gibson Les Paul. This guitar is my go-to guitar for full band gigs. The consistency of the tone is what I continuously find when I play blues, rock, and country songs with the band.

This guitar is a Paul Reed Smith custom 22. It is a solid body maroon sunburst with humbucker pickups perfect for the classic rock songs I play. PRS uses two planks of wood in these guitar styles with maple top and mahogany bottom. The maple flame top is amazing and is a typical signature style that PRS creates for their electric guitars.

Many owners of these older guitars change out the rotary pickup selector switch to a newer toggle switch, but I prefer the look of the matching rotary knob. The locking tuners are also a great addition for ease of string replacement and avoiding slippage.

I really feel fortunate to have stumbled onto this guitar when I did. It led me to attend the PRS factory and Experience event a couple times down in Maryland. I have also been fortunate to meet Paul several times and have him sign this guitar. It truly is the Perfect Guitar.

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